Things to do in Wedgwood a Neighborhood in Fort Worth, TX

-Visit the Fort Worth Zoo: Wedgwood is one of the closest neighborhoods to downtown, and it’s home to some of our most beloved attractions. With more than 500 acres for visitors to explore, you’ll find everything from giraffes and elephants in Africa Adventure Park, polar bears in Arctic Edge exhibit at Polar Passage Sea Lion Sound Aquarium with its underwater viewing tunnels that showcase sea lions frolicking below ocean surface – a must see!

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“In addition,” said Michael Knebelmann, executive director of development for the zoo. “We’re able to work closely with Dallas County Schools’ environmental education program and have developed conservation curriculums.” There are also nearly 400 different species on display here including six endangered pandas, snow leopards and Amur tigers.

-Visit the Trinity River: Take a walk along our riverfront parks or enjoy one of the many public events hosted by The Trinity Trust with your family – there’s always something to explore!  “Most people don’t know that all of these things are accessible from Wedgwood,” said Knebelmann. “It’s exciting; it makes me feel like we’re just at the edge of everything.”

“The beautiful thing about Fort Worth is you can be in this neighborhood close to downtown and have access to so many amenities.