Things to do in Southeast Arlington a Neighborhood in Arlington, TX

There are a few parks in Southeast Arlington, including Glen Oaks Park and Lakeview Elementary School. These two locations offer picnic tables, pavilions, playgrounds, athletic fields, and other recreational facilities that residents can enjoy year-round.

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Glen Oaks Park is the newest park to be built on an old landfill site; it was constructed as part of the first phase of redevelopment for the area in 2000.

Lakeview Elementary school includes many amenities such as tennis courts and basketball courts which you can use free of charge during off-hours or after-hours when used by permission only.”

There are a few parks in Southeast Arlington like Glen Oaks Park and Lakeview Elementary School that offer recreation areas like Pavilions and play areas for the kids

Parks:  *Glen Oaks Park is a large, serene park that has multiple recreation amenities like Pavilions, basketball courts, baseball fields, football/soccer fields. It also includes an amphitheater with lots of parking so events can be hosted.”