Things to Do in San Antonio, TX

Home to Texas State’s most iconic historical sites, San Antonio is a thrilling sightseeing destination. Below are some of the fun activities you can indulge in while here.

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  • Visit the Bracken Cave

Bracken Cave is the summer home of the world’s biggest bat colonies. Every summer at dusk, the skies over this cave are colored with millions of bats that pour out from the entry point of an ancient sinkhole. It is estimated that the number of the tiny flying mammals hits the 20 million mark every year from March to October. This not only makes it the biggest bat collection, but also the largest mammal concentration ever.

  • How about touring the Alamo?

A significant US historical site, the Alamo is a must-go-to destination in San Antonio. This venues was part of the mission center constructed in the region back in 1718, with its church being erected by the Franciscan missionaries in 1744. In 1836, the ‘Battle of Alamo’, US history’s most famous battles, happened here. The Alamo was soon to become Texan Independence’s cradle, and the phrase ‘Remember the Alamo’ got embraced as the new Battle cry. Today, the Alamo is a major historic site in the US, and it is a National Monument that is listed as a UNESCO Heritage Site.

  • Indulge in some history at the Mission San Jose

This venue is home to 300 years of Spanish preserved colonial history. Mission San Jose was founded in 1720 and it sustained up to 300 inhabitants. Given its capacity, it became Texas’ biggest mission, and was famously known as ‘Queen of Missions’.  The inhabitants of San Jose dwelled and worked there, competing the complex in 1782. While operations here stopped in 1824, over 2,000 Indians got baptized here. Today, the mission remains an active parish, holding open mass every Sunday. The National Park Service in San Antonio is responsible for maintaining this historical space.

  • Cruise, stroll or even dine along the San Antonio River Walk

River Walk, is without a doubt the centerpiece of San Antonio. Restaurants and stone walkways lie dotted along the San Antonio River that flows through San Antonio’s city center. This beautiful space lies below the street level, featuring graceful bridges and calm waters. There is plenty of shade that is provided by the trees that tower over the banks. Most of the guests that come here do so either to enjoy a stroll or to take a meal from one of the patios found along the River Walk.



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