Things to do in Melbourne, FL

Located towards the southeastern end of Orlando, Melbourne, FL, is home to unique spectacular attractions. The Eau Gallue Arts District is one of the major attractions that is bound to appeal to visitors from all walks of life. Paddle boats, kayaks, and zip lines are just some of the facilities that will give you an opportunity to have a closer intneraction with nature. Melbourne also features museums, restaurants, parks, wedding venues and gardens as some additional attractions. Below are some of the fun things to check off your bucket list when in Melbourne, FL.

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  • Visit the Rossetter House Museum

The Rossetter House Museum & Gardens is a historic space made up of the Houston Cemetery (1865), the Roesch House (1892), and the Rossetter House & Gardens (1908). The museum is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It serves as a aide-mémoire of Florida’s taled past as well as the extraordinary individuals who made it home during the late-19th and early-20th centuries. Guests are welcome to participate in guided tours featuring the gorgeously restored home, the gardens, as well as the cemetery in order to help them get a detailed peek at what life felt like in these times.

  • Brevard Zoo

While it is full of exotic and enthralling animals, Brevard Zoo also presents visitors with a ton of fun indulgence options not common to most animal parks. As compared to other zoos in larger urban areas, Brevard Zoo is modestly sized. However, according to visitors’ accounts, the experience here surpasses expectations, leaving you highly entertained. Adrenaline-charged kayak tours and exciting zip-lining opportunities are available for adventure junkies interested in doing more than simply observing. The zoo features plenty of seating spaces (shaded) as well as a café, making ideal places to relax after a long day.

  • Liberty Bell Memorial Museum

The Liberty Bell Memorial Museum is a free attraction that is dedicated to conserving the deep-running history of the US. The museum features 2 distinct areas; The Rotunda of US History, with a special focus on the main milestones achieved. The patriotic collectables and official papers are presented chronologically. This includes an imitation of the Liberty Bell as well as displays that are related to the History of Florida. Other items featured are; pre-revolutionary era artifacts as well as items recovered from Melbourne’s naval air space station. The museum also features the Freedom Hall.




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