Things to Do in Jacksonville, FL

If you are looking for a great day out from work in Jacksonville Florida then look no further than Jacksonville Beach. Located just minutes from downtown Jacksonville, The Catty Shack offers one of the best authentic sea shacks on the west coast. For lunch and dinner you can try one of their amazing sea foods which is prepared by the finest local chefs. During the winter the famous Jacksonville Winter Festival takes place at the Catty Shack. Here locals come together to celebrate, relax and have fun.

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Come winter you will find some of the best indoor activities in Jacksonville to keep you and your family warm. The Jacksonville Museum of Modern Art has an annual exhibit which features modern art from different regions all over the world. It is worth a visit as there is always an exciting exhibition going on. For the younger visitors there are many fun things to do in Jacksonville to fill your day with some unique entertainment like a giant tube train! There are also several museums to visit like The Museum of Contemporary Art, The Catty Shack Resort & Spa, The Jacksonville Museum of Modern Art, The Museum of African-American History, The Woodland Park Zoo, The Jacksonville Museum of Natural History, The Rising Sun Gallery, The Everglades Environmental Learning Center, The Jacksonville Museum of Modern Art, The Woodland Park Zoo and The Jacksonville Museum of Modern Art.


Located just two miles from downtown Jacksonville, The University of North Florida at Jacksonville Agricultural College is a great place to get your education. You can find two colleges in the area which offer courses in many majors including hospitality management, culinary arts, public administration, E Business and even education. The college has a full slate of exciting courses and programs like “College Football on Campus,” “FSGA Outdoor Leadership Series” and “Performance Management.” You can spend a fun week at The University of North Florida in Jacksonville for as little as $30 per day. It is no surprise that this university is one of the most popular colleges in the state. All of these great things to do in Jacksonville Florida will make your next vacation an enjoyable one.




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