Things to Do in Fort Worth, TX

Fort Worth is an ideal example of the gracefully spoken of ‘Glory of the American West’. This city is famous for its deep-reaching history that involves cowboys, cattle trade, and generally, life on the frontier. Below are some of the fun things to indulge in when you are in Fort Worth, TX:

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Visit the Fort Worth Zoo

Dating back to 1909, Fort Worth Zoo started humbly, with only a few animals in its collection. Today, this zoo has grown to become a famous Texas destination, featuring over 7,000 animals, both exotic and native. This is the perfect destination to visit to be one with nature. The zoo has a lovely shade that visitors can walk under. Its pathways are easy to navigate, making it ideal for family days out.

There are 16 permanent exhibits here, all featuring different themes. All habitats here seek to make sure that the animals are in an environment that feels as natural as possible. Each of the theme transports you to a whole new environment, giving this zoo one of the most authentic vibes ever. Not only does the zoo give you a fun experience, but it also comes with toms of learning opportunities, especially when it comes to matters animal conservation initiatives.

Enjoy some history at the Kimbell Art Museum

While the Kimbell Art Museum is seemingly unorthodox and a little intimate, that does not stop it from being one of the best tourist destinations in Fort Worth, TX. Featuring a brilliant piece of architectural prowess designed intricately by the legendary Louis I. Khan, the museum is famous for its visually appealing design as well as the silvery sunlight rays that pierce through the windows, naturally illuminating building to give the galleries inside a different touch of nature. While it may be considerably small in size, the Kimbell Art Museum is home to approximately 350 pieces of fine art, an exquisite library, and tons of educational program offerings.

Experience the Best of Fort Worth at Sundance Square

Sundance Square is without a doubt the joy and pride of downtown Fort Worth, TX. With numerous fun attractions in it and near it, this is a must visit destination. The square covers 35 blocks and it features more than 40 different buildings, combining both ancient and modern architecture. This Fort Worth staple offers numerous shopping options, fine dining establishments, movie houses as well as art galleries.



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