Things to do in Downtown Bradenton a Neighborhood in Bradenton, FL

There are many things to do in  Bradenton, FL. If you are looking for something to do while in Bradenton, consider visiting the downtown area of the city!

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Some things to be done in Downtown Bradenton include:

– The Riverwalk – This waterfront boardwalk is great for enjoying a stroll or taking your dog on a walk. It has many benches and other amenities such as restaurants with outdoor seating.

– Shopping Districts – There are three main shopping areas located inside the loop of Manatee Avenue (the street running through most of downtown). These districts offer plenty of places to eat and shop, from food markets to clothing stores to souvenir shops. Just remember that parking spots here might be scarce!

– MOSI/Museum Of Science And Industry – This museum is a great place for children and adults alike to learn about the world around them. From the environment to engineering, this science-based attraction has something for everyone!

– Historical Districts – Downtown Bradenton provides an opportunity to get up close with our local history. The old courthouse still stands downtown as well as many other historical buildings from past eras that give you insight into what life was like decades ago.