Things to do in Deer Hollow a Neighborhood in San Antonio, TX

-Deer Hollow Golf Course

-Joe’s Crab Shack Restaurant

-The River Walk in San Antonio TX

What is Deer Hollow? Well, it’s a neighborhood of about seven thousand people. The residents are mostly families who have lived here for generations. It was originally an area where farmers would bring their livestock to graze on the grasses that grow near the river and other bodies of water.

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Nowadays, Deer Hollow has evolved into a community with lots of little shops and restaurants just waiting for you to come explore! There are so many wonderful things to do from golfing at one our amazing courses or getting fresh produce at Farmer’s Market every Saturday morning, there is something special awaiting your discovery within these few square miles.

You’ll find many of the restaurants in Deer Hollow offer outdoor seating, perfect for a summer evening out with friends and family! Some favorites are Joe’s Crab Shack or Landry’s Seafood House on East Commerce Street where you can enjoy an oyster sampler appetizer or one of their delicious salads. Or if seafood isn’t really your thing then try Cafe Bites at Liberty Bar-B-Que near South New Braunfels Avenue which offers more traditional American cuisine like burgers and barbecue ribs.