Things to do in Columbus, OH

The vibrant city of Columbus is characterized by a perfect mix of fun things to do, including special art adventures and whimsical outdoor activities. It does not matter what end of the spectrum you lie on; you can be a moderate adventurer or a whacky explorer. Either way, Columbus has got you covered. Let us delve right into some of the most indulging things to do in Columbus, OH.

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  • How about some pints at Columbus’ signature distilleries?

Ohio has a fraught history with alcohol. As such, the distilleries here have been under stringent regulation over the years. However, new restriction rollbacks have been put in place recently. This means that craft distilleries all over the state are permitted to serve guests with signature beverages as well as food.

In Columbus, the distilleries have stepped up their palate game in a major way. In the process, standout bars have sprouted all through the city. While taking your tour around town, be sure to visit one of the city’s service bars and treat your taste buds to the adventurous and cheeky menus!

  • Walk around the German Village

German Village lies towards the southern end of Downtown Columbus. This is a historic space that extends for 233 acres. German Village is the place you need to head to for a chance to dine, shop, or even take a stroll as you enjoy beautiful cobblestone streets and stunning brick buildings. The Village plays host to art galleries, bookshops, coffee shops, traditional fudges and candies, German pubs and many more.

  • Explore the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

A trip to Columbus, OH, is incomplete without visiting the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. This zoo is one of the greatest city attractions and it is one of the best zoos in the nation. Featuring over 10,000 animals spread across various exhibit spaces, you will be treated to a fun and engaging session. Some of the zoo highlights include the African exhibit featuring cheetahs and lions, and the polar exhibit featuring arctic foxes and polar bears. Other animals here include turtles, flamingoes, giraffes, as well as aardvarks.

  • Catch a show at the Columbus Civic Theater

The Columbus Civic Theater is a delightfully tiny, local venue. This space allows only 50 visitors and it features a new performance each new month. If you are in search of an intimate entertainment experience, be sure to pass by here.




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