Things to Do in Clearwater, FL

Any sun-seeker out there will attest to the fact that Clearwater is more than a slice of paradise! With a perfect and highly appealing combination of pristine white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, Clearwater will give you right the right dose of sea vitamin. Better yet, the city is dotted with tons of chic bars, tantalizing restaurants, and numerous attractions to suit all types of travelers. Below are some of the things that you can indulge in when you are in Clearwater, FL.

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  • Reconnect with Mother Nature at the Clearwater Beach

While this beach is not far from St. Petersburg and Tampa, it gives off a vibe that makes you feel like you are miles away from the bustling city buzz. Renowned for its laid-back serenity and breathtaking splendor, Clearwater Beach is often named as Florida’s Beach. Bring your family to play in the sugar-white sand and shallow beach waters. Tag your fun buddies along, and get to enjoy amazing beach-related activities such as building sandcastles in this beautiful cove. While here, allow yourself to get lost in the best sceneries, especially as you watch the beach’s amazing sunsets.

  • Get Conservatory at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium

Established in 1972, the Clearwater Marine Aquarium is a not-for-profit organization that has a special dedication to marine life conservation. With its captivating exhibits and interactive programs, this is one of the best spaces in Clearwater to visit with kids. In addition to viewing and even touching the lovely marine creatures, the Clearwater Marine Aquarium educates the guest in matters wildlife conservation and preservation. While here, you will be treated to interactive sessions with friendly marine creatures including otters, sharks, dolphins and sea-birds.

  • Savor beautiful sceneries at the Pier60

As you go about touring Clearwater, be sure to visit the Pier60, a must-see 1080 ft. pier set right as the Beach of Clearwater. This space is more than a relaxing fishing pier; it is a fun recreational space that comes packed with tons of park amenities. All year round, the Pier60 holds an array of festivities and community events, including the Sugar Sand Festival and the Sunset Cinema. The end of the pier allows you to savor spectacular panoramic views as you enjoy fishing expeditions. The pier’s playground and sandbox will definitely keep your little ones engaged.

  • Get playful at the Sand Key Park

Sand Key Park allows you to escape Clearwater’s bustling buzz and gives you a chance to lose yourself in the park’s serene setting. As you enjoy the stunning beach vibes, you will be able to spot birds and some endangered sea turtles. This is the absolute space you need to go to for a chance to get away. Park amenities include a playground, bathhouses, a dog park as well as a beach cabanas.




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