Things to Do in Charleston, SC

Charleston, SC’s largest historic city, and the state’s capital, is a leading vacation destination in the region and in America at large. This city offers a perfect combination of the big city’s fast paced life and the southern laid back charm of the surrounding area. Being a well preserved belle in the south, Charleston exudes pure southern romance, as if personifying it. Lush foliage blends in superbly with the aristocratic homes, appealing to everyone with a thing for southern charm. Below are some of the fun things to do in Charleston.

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  • Visit the Middleton Place Plantation

Nothing resonates better with the Old South’s aura than a beautiful plantation. Charleston, as if reading this vibe, flaunts quite an array of such spaces. Middleton Place Plantation, is the oldest and landscaped garden of its kind in the United State. Stretching in a brilliant series of cascading terraces, flowing pools, hedged galleries and lush greenery, these grounds show off their 17th century European architectural prowess. All through the year, these gardens remain flourishing, blooming with unique camellias during winter and azaleas during spring. A visit to the 1755 mansion gives you an opportunity to indulge in a history lesson spanning 4 middleton slave generations through the furniture, rare books, portraits, porcelain pieces and silver that has been maintained by the family for over 300 years.

  • Go back in time at the Battery

Unlike the name suggests, this venue is not related to electronic devices in any way. The battery transports you back in time to the Civil War era. The Battery is among Charleston’s major attraction sites that is highly ideal for family days out. Initially meant for the purpose of the artillery battery once situated here, the Battery has since transformed into a stunning promenade. Visitors here enjoy taking strolls along the land as they take in the sheer beauty of the ancient homes here. The Battery’s most stunning point has to be the Point Garden which features great reverence that is paid in respect of military heroes. This is one of the spaces that allows you to get completely lost in thought, literally allowing you to recharge.

  • How about some nature at the Waterfront Park?

The Waterfront Park is a wonderful space in which residents and guests alike gather to relax, wind off, and enjoy Charleston’s amazing Harbor. The Park is 12 acres in size, and it stretches over 1,000 ft. on the waterfront. Park amenities include double swings and park benches facing the water.


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