Things to Do in Bradenton, FL

Bradenton is a friendly and sunny city that is found to the south of Tampa. This city offer guests and visitors alike with tons of activities, attractions, as well as outdoor recreational activities. Flaunting a vibrant and deep reaching history of Florida, Bradenton features stunning architecture, nature reserves and green parks. Its warm, welcoming and charming ambience lures visitors from all walks of life. Below are some of the most interesting thing to do while at the stunning city.

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  • De Soto National Memorial

The De Soto National Memorial honors the arrival of Hernando de Soto back in 1539 and the consequent exploration by Europeans of what is today Southern US. Situated in Manatee County, five miles to the west of Bradenton, this memorial sits on 26 acres of stunning landscape at the point in which Manatee River flows into Tampa Bay. Fun activities at the memorial include canoeing, kayaking, hiking, camping, bird watching, fishing and camping.

  • Village of the Arts

Right at the core of the Bradenton-Sarasota area, Village of the Arts is a vibrant and highly eclectic artists’ community, featuring more than 100 homes, fine cafes, gourmet restaurants, workshops, studios and art galleries. Spreading over a 36-acre space, this venue is home to tons of artists, all who work and live in the stunningly restored cottages that date back to the early 1920s. To add onto the already evident artsy vibes, these cottages feature lavish renovation. The artists residing here produce amazing works that are showcased and sold in the village’s art galleries. This idiosyncratic town offers guests ton of fun activities including admiring unique architecture, enjoying fun dining, visiting art galleries, as well as taking a stroll along the stunning streets to soak up all the cool ambience exuded by the village.

  • Lake Manatee State Park

Extending for three miles along Lake Manatee’s southern shore, Lake Manatee State Park is a beautiful 556 acres state park that is located 15 miles towards the eastern side of Bradenton. The park offers outstanding freshwater kayaking, picnicking, hiking, fishing, boating, swimming, canoeing, and sunbathing. Lake Manatee State Park was created in the mid-1960s, at a point in time when a dam was constructed across Manatee River. Here, you will find tons of amazing activities ideal for the entire family. The natural habitats in the park consist of pine flat-woods and sand pine scrub, alongside depression marshes and hardwood forests.




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