History of Woodlawn Lake a Neighborhood in San Antonio, TX

In the late 1800s, a Civil War veteran bought land near what is now Woodlawn Lake. The ranch was eventually divided and sold off to people who wanted their own piece of paradise in the city.

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One such person was Ernest Linder, who created his dream home on Rosillo Street with an exquisite garden that still stands today as one of San Antonio’s most beautiful landmarks. Author John Espey called it `the loveliest house and property I have ever seen.’

Woodlawn lake has always been regarded as an exclusive neighborhood because its high walls create privacy for residents and beauty from afar–a privileged island that exists within close range of downtown San Antonio but feels like worlds away. In 1878, when the city was first incorporated, the Woodlawn Lake neighborhood had its own post office.

Woodlawn lake is a vibrant and diverse community with residents from all walks of life. The area includes manicured lawns and historic homes as well as apartments for rent and condos. Its close proximity to downtown San Antonio means that you can enjoy everything it has to offer without giving up your private oasis.”