History of West Melbourne Landings a Neighborhood in West Melbourne, FL

Walking through West Melbourne Florida, you will come across the neighborhood of West Melbourne Landings. This is a new community in its early growth stages that features lovely homes and gated security for residents.

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West Melbourne FL has been an area we’ve been learning about since it was first established by settlers over 200 years ago. At this point, most of what remains are historic sites to visit as well as some intriguing spots like Grassy Creek Nature Preserve or River Park Shopping Center which offer great opportunities no matter your needs when looking to explore all there is here on the Space Coast!

As with any growing city, there are always changes happening – but one thing stays true: The people who live here love our friendly town and take pride in it. They want to make sure that everyone has a chance to share in the opportunity and experience of living here.

West Melbourne Landings offers residents access to River Park, which is also home for our most popular coffee destination: The Daily Brew Café! In addition, there’s plenty of parks nearby such as Dixie Belle Memorial Park or Timmons Square Nature Preserve where you can hike trails through some natural Florida beauty when looking for ways to get outside on days with warmer weather.