History of Wedgwood a Neighborhood in Fort Worth, TX

Wedgwood is a historic neighborhood in Fort Worth. Its boundaries are roughly from Eighth Street on the south to Throckmorton Street on the north, and from Belknap on the east to an unnamed street (just west of I-35W) that separates it from downtown Fort Worth. The Wedgwood area was created when developer Joe Biles purchased land in 1921 for residential purposes. At its time of development, this section of town had grown quickly over several years due mostly to World War I-related industrial growth along the Trinity River at Magnolia Avenue and what would become known as Commerce Street (now East Lancaster). With new homes constructed near a park originally named “Fairview,” these residences were marketed mainly toward white collar workers.

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The first Wedgwood homes were constructed in 1923 and 1924, mostly single family houses with some apartments. Like other neighborhoods of the era, there was a strict restriction on selling homes to minorities or mixed-race couples who wanted to live among white families. The name “Wedgwood” came from the English pottery company that had its manufacturing center nearby at Harrods Creek near what is now South Main Street; as such it became associated with Fort Worth’s upper class society during this period of time.

As elsewhere in Fortworth proper, many suburbanized middle-class families moved out into new developments by 1970s when these restrictions lifted for good following national trends of racial integration around that decade and onward.”`