History of Southridge a Neighborhood in Denton, TX

Southridge is a neighborhood in the south central area of Denton. The subdivision was planned and developed by Royal Properties in 1965 with construction completed by 1966.

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There are over 500 homes, many built to be identical and they range from one or two stories tall with red brick facades trimmed in white wood cabinet doors and windows. The name Southridge comes from its location on a ridge which overlooks Lake Lewisville, a large body of water that provides recreational opportunities for boating, fishing, swimming and other activities

The first homeowners were made up primarily of teachers who had been relocated there as part of an experiment to see if suburban living would represent an improvement from city life for children  In recent years the population has changed somewhat due to changes in the types of residents allowed to purchase homes there.

Today, Southridge is a close-knit community of families and retirees, with many homes still occupied by the original owners.