History of Southeast Arlington a Neighborhood in Arlington, TX

Southeast Arlington is in the southwest corner of Arlington TX, bound to the north by I-20. Originally part of Dallas County and then Kaufman County, it became a part of Tarrant County when counties were being established for Texas in 1846.

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In 1879 Southeast Arlington was granted an incorporation charter as “Arlington” but lost its independence again following annexation from Fort Worth’s city limits on December 16, 1904. The area remained unincorporated until June 12, 1912, when it regained status following the dissolution of the town council amid opposition to proposed anti-corporate legislation that required two-thirds approval before municipal corporations could be created or dissolved within county boundaries.

It has been since known simply as “Southeast.

Officially, the neighborhood of Arlington Heights is a part of Southeast. It was subdivided from land belonging to J.C. Cottrell in 1913 and sold by him in 1914 for residential purposes.

In 1915, it became a municipality but later dissolved on September 27, 1947, due to a lack of interest among residents.

The area remains uninhabited today though it is occasionally used as an address for mailing purposes or when referring to real estate listings that include property that is not actually within its boundaries.