History of South Beach Miami a Neighborhood in Miami Beach, FL

South Beach became a household name during the 1950s and 1960s. It was known as “The Playground of America” and attracted visitors from all over including Hollywood stars, musicians, politicians, and athletes.

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In order to maintain this glory Miami Beach city officials created zoning ordinances in the 1970’s that regulated building height which allowed for more ground-level shops with upper floor apartments so people could walk around and mingle at street level rather than being confined to high rise apartments.

In the 1990s, South Beach became a magnet for media and celebrities with many of them purchasing houses in the area to enjoy its tropical climate year-round. Today it has become one of Miami’s top tourist destinations because people from all over want to experience this “miracle mile” that is ever-changing, as new shops are opening up constantly while past establishments are being replaced by larger shopping centers or more luxurious hotels.