History of Robinson Oaks a Neighborhood in Denton, TX

The history of Robinson Oaks sure does is rich. However, the history of this neighborhood is not as clear to many. The historical records and memories of those who know where Robinson Oaks came from are mostly silent on the subject matter.

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The first written mention about an area being referred to as “Robinson Oaks” was in 1939 when a subdivision map was drawn up for the school district. It labeled part of what would be future Denton ISD land with that name during their expansion plans at that time.

It wasn’t until 1943- 1944 after World War II ended did residents began moving into the area now known by most people as Robinson Oak’s Neighborhood. In fact, it’s believed by some historians that Robison Manor Estates were renamed “Robinson Oak Park” in the late 1940s

The original residents of this area were veterans and families with children. The homes that first occupied Robinson Oaks consisted mainly of Ranch-style houses with a few Cape Cods thrown into the mix. This is one reason why some people refer to it as being “ghetto” or lower class, but those who know where their roots come from are proud!