History of Radcliffeborough a Neighborhood in Charleston, SC

Radcliffeborough is the historic neighborhood that borders Charleston’s old peninsula. Originally known as Radcliffe, this community was first plotted in 1681 and has seen many changes over its 300+ year history.

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The original name of the area came from a British family who owned plantations here; they were prominent members of society at one point after fleeing England during Oliver Cromwell’s Puritan Revolution. Today, Radcliffe Borough stretches only about five blocks to cover roughly two city squares (the larger block being Drayton Street). It is comprised mainly of residential properties with some commercial space mixed throughout – mostly along King Street.

The most notable landmark in this region are McKee House or “McKee Mansion” as it is also known. Built-in 1818, this home was the site of George Washington’s December 22nd visit to Charleston during his 1791 Southern Tour. It is said that he spent one night and two days at McKee House but unfortunately did not write any diary entries or letters about this particular stay.

Today, Radcliffe Borough only has a handful of residents who call this neighborhood their own – most notably being Bob Thompson; an actor with credits on American Horror Story: Hotel as well as recurring roles on Sleepy Hollow and Nashville. He lives near King Street where there are more restaurants than residential properties making up the community today.