History of Mistletoe Heights a Neighborhood in Fort Worth, TX

Fort Worth TX is well-known for its amazing neighborhoods. Mistletoe Heights, one such neighborhood, has been in existence since the late 19th century when Fort Worth’s population had grown to over 50,000 people and needed more space to live. As a result of being an established community for so long, it contains many different homes built in various styles from around this time period.

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The architecture generally consists of Victorian era buildings with some Craftsman style ones as well; there are also Art Deco structures that were constructed during World War II due to rubber shortages at the time which led builders to replace wood materials with concrete or steel components. Many of these houses have beautiful porches where residents can sit down on summer evenings while watching the sunset.

Since there are so many very unique houses in this neighborhood, it’s no wonder that a large number of homeowners have their own distinct style and taste when decorating inside the home.

This does not mean they neglect to incorporate other elements from around them though; art is typically hung up on walls or furniture pieces combined with traditional items like Victorian era rugs and antique tables make for an elegant look without going too far over the top.