History of Mid-Beach a Neighborhood in Miami Beach, FL

Mid-Beach History is truly rich and full of interesting tidbits. This neighborhood in Miami Beach FL was one of the first communities to be formed on what is now called South Beach and it has gone through many changes since its formation back in 1911.

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Mid-Beach, originally known as Midway, was named after a midway point between downtown Miami and Key West that had been established by Henry Flagler’s Overseas Railroad Corporation. The name change happened when developer Carl Fisher took over this community back in 1919 and he renamed it “Miami Beach” which included all waterfront from Dade Blvd (now Washington Ave) southward past present day Haulover Inlet to Ocean Drive. There were also rules put into place during this time about how high buildings could go so that they would not obstruct the view of the ocean.

Mid-Beach today is a mix of residential and commercial zones with parks, schools, churches and other neighborhood necessities that make it one of Miami Beachs most desirable neighborhoods to live in for those who want to be near shopping or work along this part of South Beach.