History of Miami Beach, FL

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Miami Beach is a city in Miami-Dade County situated in Florida’s southeastern end. It is located on a barrier island just east of Miami, between Atlantic Ocean to the east and Biscayne Bay to the west. This region’s first dwellers were the Tequesta, who were later followed by the Seminole Indians.

Up until 1912, this site was a sort of mangrove swamp. Residents here tried to establish coconut plantations to no avail. However, upon trying avocado groves, they experienced better luck. Four real estate developers; Carl Fisher, John S. Collins, James Lummus, and John Lummus, pioneered city development. Through their relentless efforts, a bridge got constructed across the bay, and in 1920, a causeway was erected. Land area got added on to the island following dredging efforts.

In 1915, the city got incorporated going by the name Ocean Beach. One year later, the name got changed to Miami Beach. The Florida Land Boom, alongside the Great Depression and a nasty hurricane in 1926 hindered further growth in the city. However, by the time it was getting to the mid-1930s, fortune had reversed and favor was seemingly smiling on Miami Beach.

Establishment of a number of Art Deco styled building in the area fueled city growth to some extent. However, the tourism business got curtailed with the start of the Second World War. However, things took a positive turn when most of the hotels in the city got requisitioned in a bid to house the army trainees. After the warm growth in Miami Beach sky rocketed, as the area developed to become a popular tourist and retirement destination.

Today, much of the sand island that lured America’s affluent to Miami Beach is no longer in existence. Most of the island’s space has been built up, with restaurants and hotels being erected all over. However, Miami Beach features some of the most luxurious and fabulous hotels in the United States. Here, you can find some of the ancient Art Deco hotels that date back to the early 1920s. While a majority of the buildings got neglected, especially after the Great Depression, some have been lavishly restored, and they remain as inviting as ever. Miami Beach remains an affluent neighborhood that welcomes the rich and prominent. As a beach city, you can expect to enjoy the best that Florida has to offer when it comes to beach fun.



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