History of Lochemere a Neighborhood in Cary, NC

Lochemere is a neighborhood in Cary, North Carolina. It was part of the original land grant given to settlers who settled near what would become downtown Caryville.

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Lochemere got its name from an early resident named James Lomax and his wife Emma Leah McCallum when they moved there around 1905-1906. The community was originally named Lochemere Park because they lived on a large, wooded lot. 

Lochemere was one of the first neighborhoods in Cary to be developed. The Lomax house is still there and it’s been refurbished as an early 20th-century Period House Museum that can be rented for events or meetings.

Also, there are historic homes in the neighborhood, including a late 19th-century farmhouse and an early 20th century Craftsman Bungalow.