History of Hyde Park a Neighborhood in Tampa, FL

Rich history of Hyde Park Tampa FL

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The neighborhood started to develop in the early 1890s. The streetcar, created by John Elfers, became a major form of transportation connecting Tampa and Hillsborough County with downtown Tampa. Hyde Park was an ideal location for development because it had easy access to businesses on Florida Avenue and other railroad lines that ran along Central Avenue. On October 1894, Jules Aydelotte purchased land from Maria Louise Gualdana de Luna through her agent James Addison Baker Jr., who lived at 240 West Spruce Street (now W: Tampania Way).

In the 20th century, Hyde Park was characterized by one- and two-story buildings. It became the focus of urban renewal in the 1960s because it had deteriorated economically.

Today Hyde Park Tampa FL is a place where the median income is above $92,000 and home values range from $150K to more than $500k.