History of French Quarter a Neighborhood in Charleston, SC

The French Quarter was originally the first populated area of Charleston and is still one of its oldest neighborhoods. The city’s first residents were English settlers who arrived in 1732 to start a new life for themselves. They named their settlement Charlestowne after King Charles I (Charles II).

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Though it grew rapidly as more people came to live here, by the late 1700s many wealthy landowners had moved away from the original settlement towards what became known as East Bay Street, where they erected larger plantations with homes that were set further back on sprawling lawns and gardens. In contrast, much of today’s French Quarter has been preserved well into modern times; you can find grandiose mansions dating back centuries alongside quaint cottages.

– There are many wonderful places to visit and explore in the city’s oldest neighborhood. You can find historic landmarks such as: The Old Slave Mart Museum, St. Michael’s Church Ruins, White Point Garden (known for its beautiful azaleas), College of Charleston campus buildings which date back to 1790 or take a stroll on the Battery at night where you will see another side of Charleston that is tranquil and romantic with views overlooking Fort Sumter lighthouse, Sullivan Island Lighthouse, and out towards Morris Island Light House.