History of Fort Sam Houston a neighborhood in San Antonio, TX

The history of Fort Sam Houston is intertwined with the history of San Antonio and Texas. Originally a Mexican Army outpost in 1837, this property was granted to general Ben Milam by President Vicente Filisola following his defeat at the Battle of Bexar. The land was then transferred to US military control on August 12th 1845 after annexation as part of the post-Mexican American War treaty.

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Fort Sam Houston became one if not the most important army posts during World War II due to its convenience for airfields and docks along nearby rivers which were used extensively by lines branching from other ports around gulf coast that intersected across state boundaries such as Louisiana’s port near New Orleans or Alabama’s Mobile Bay.

The post served as the headquarters for military operations in World War II. Major General Jonathan Wainwright and his staff were stationed at Fort Sam Houston from January 1943 to August 1945 during their East Coast defense of continental United States against Japanese forces. The original 1877 building was demolished on October 23rd 1963, but the parade ground still exists today near Interstate Highway 35-S (IH35).