History of Flytown a Neighborhood in Columbus, OH

Flytown was a neighborhood in Columbus, Ohio that existed during the 1800s along what is now East Long Street.

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The name Flytown may have come from people who were considered to be subversive or dangerous residents of the area. Others say it came about because there was an abundance of flies and mosquitoes due to all the industrial pollution.

The first mention of this area appeared on record in 1837 when John Calhoun mentioned “a small village called Flyville” in his diary as he walked down High Street away from Columbus’ downtown district near Broad & Third Streets.

Since Flytown was annexed into Columbus in 1860 it has had four parts: one between Woodruff Ave. and James Rd., another at Fourth St. and Fulton Dr., third along High St. from Broadway to Town St., fourth from Town St. to Fifth Ave.”