History of Easton a Neighborhood in Columbus, OH

Easton is a neighborhood in Columbus, Ohio and it has been around since 1872. It was the first suburb of Columbus and at that time Easton contained two farms, one called “Buckeye” and the other “Howard’s Grove.”

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The Buckeye Farm eventually became part of Franklin Park which still stands today; whereas Howard Grove remains as an undeveloped nature preserve to this day.  Easton is known of it’s oldest churches, St. John the Baptist which was founded in 1874 and still stands today or at least a replica does.

Easton is also home to many landmarks including Franklin Park, Easton Cemetery, Ohio Wesleyan University and more! These were all places that played major roles in the early development of Columbus as well as Easton Village itself.

The history of this community dates back long before Columbus became what we know now; with small beginnings dating back decades ago when land first became available. With such a rich history, you can see why Easton is still an attractive place to live in today!