History of Downtown Bradenton a Neighborhood in Bradenton, FL

Downtown Bradenton FL is a historic district situated along the Manatee River. The downtown area experienced rapid growth due to an influx of settlers from other states. Some people believe that this was not sustainable, and it eventually led to economic instability in the city.

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Much like many other cities with “old town” areas, Downtown Bradenton has seen its fair share of ups and downs over time as well. Today Downtown Bradentons stretches roughly six blocks north/south by four blocks east/west on either side of Palmetto Street (US Hwy 301).

The Downtown Bradenton arts district was founded in the late 80s by a group of artists that wanted to use art as an economic engine for revitalizing downtown. The CRA partners with organizations like VISIT BRADENTON, Manatee County Schools Foundation and others to create events that will stimulate interest among both locals and visitors.

In addition, there are several local galleries located on Broad Street such as Harris Gallery which is home to many nationally recognized Florida Artists. You can also find restaurants, coffee shops, bars/breweries, and more!