History of Cooper Crossing a Neighborhood in Denton, TX

Cooper Crossing has rich history and is considered to be one of the premier neighborhoods in Denton. The neighborhood was built after World War II and gradually developed into a thriving community with mostly single-family brick homes.

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The name Cooper Crossing has origins from two brothers who were once enslaved on this land, but they escaped to freedom before 1850. One brother was named Samuel Cartwright and he became an abolitionist speaker for equality; while his other brother fought for the Confederacy and died defending his beliefs at Antietam (the bloodiest single-day battle in American history). The names of these men live on every year through the celebration of traditions including fireworks on July Fourth and trick-orbs on October 31st!

Residents are proud of their historic neighborhood, which has remained unchanged over time despite economic fluctuations or other factors that might have pushed it away from its original state. Cooper Crossing boasts many trees and green spaces throughout the area for residents to enjoy; as well as beautiful family friendly parks such as Rockwood Park, Payne Springs Park and more!