History of Compass Pointe a Neighborhood in West Melbourne, FL

The history of the neighborhood is a little murky, but it is known that at one time it was called “Port Malabar.” The Port Malabar name followed the railroad tracks which ran through what became Compass Pointe.

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That would put its beginnings around 1885 or so. This may have been when a train station opened in this area and trains came into town from Melbourne’s sister city to the north, Mims FL. As with most parts of West Melbourne where there has not been an older community established for decades (or centuries), we do not know much about these early years other than just bits and pieces.

It’s been named Compass Pointe because of the long street that runs through it called “Compass Court.” Unique among most streets in West Melbourne FL, this one curves back on itself at points to create little cul-de-sacs along its length. It was planned as such so there would be no direct access from any other side street or highway onto this court. A true oasis!

Today Compass Pointe is a lovely community with single-family homes, duplexes and triplexes.