History of Baymeadows a Neighborhood in Jacksonville, FL

Jacksonville FL is an amazing city with tons of fun things to do. One interesting and unique neighborhood is the Baymeadows area, which has a fascinating history. The land that comprises this Jacksonville neighborhood was originally named “Bethel” in 1877 by Richard King, who developed it as one of his large estate plots for farming purposes after acquiring it from George Wooten Wetmore. It took on its current name in 1928 when Mr. Brawley Jarrell renamed it due to all its bay trees lining the shores of the St. Johns River where he lived along Riverside Drive (now known as North Shore Boulevard).

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The city of Jacksonville was formerly divided into three townships called the Lower, Middle and Upper Towns. The Baymeadows neighborhood is in the Lower Township which includes Duval County as well as Nassau County up to Waverly Road with a southern boundary at I-95. It has grown exponentially over time and now features more than 4000 homes situated on lots averaging 50 acres each!

There are many families living in this area because it’s close to major highways for commuting purposes, like I-295 which runs north/south along Florida’s east coast from Miami all the way up through Georgia. There also are numerous parks nearby that offer recreational activities such as basketball, tennis courts and even an 18 hole golf course (Baymeadows Country Club).