Famous People from Sarasota, FL

Popular for its assortment of exquisite performing arts centers and highly active artists’ community, Sarasota, FL, is home to tons of creative. Below are some of the most famous people from the city.

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  • Austin Noah Abrams

Austin is a renowned American actor who hails from Sarasota, TX. He is most famous for playing the role Ron Anderson in the 5th and 6th seasons of the popular TV Series, ‘The Walking Dead’. Other notable roles he played include Ethan Lewis in ‘Euphoria’ and Dash in ‘Dash and Lily’. Other films in which he made appearances include ‘The Kings of Summer’, ‘Paper Towns’, ‘Brad’s Status’, ‘Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark’, ‘Chemical Hearts’, and many more. Austin is of Jewish descent and his parents are both doctors.

  • Carla Gugino

Carla is a famous American actress who was born in Sarasota in August 1971. Some of the shows she made appearances in before raising to stardom include ‘Troop Beverly Hills, and ‘This Boy’s Life’. The ‘Spy Kid’s’ trilogy, in which she played the role Ingrid Cortez is what put her on the limelight. Other significant roles she played in her acting career include Rebecca Hutman in the ‘Night at the Museum’, Laurie Roberts in ‘American Gangster’, Sally Jupiter in the film ‘Wathcmen’, Dr. Vera Gorski in the movie ‘Sucker Punch’, Emma Gaines in the film ‘San Andreas’, as well as Jessie Burlingame in the movie ‘Gerald’s Game’.

  • Ashley Nicole Rickards

Ashley is an American-based actress best known for her incredible play as Jenna Hamilton in the comedy-drama MTV series ‘Awkward’. She is also famous for playing the troubled girl Sam (Samantha) Walker in CW’s ‘One Tree Hill’ (a famous teen drama series). Ashley was born in Florida’s Sarasota, where she was raised in horse farm catering to kids with special needs. She attended a local school and at the tender age of 13, Ashley got her first opportunity to try out acting in a school opera production. She later attended an array of local talent search events before moving to LA. After graduating, Ashley started making appearances in a couple of minor roles. Her only restriction was the existing child labor laws that limited the number of hours that she could work. Her role as Samantha in ‘One Tree Hill’ is what saw her rise to stardom.


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