Famous People from Melbourne, FL

Situated in the eastern side of the Seaboard, the tech city of Melbourne, FL, is one of Central Florida’s most loved residential areas, thanks to its laidback vibes, homely neighborhoods and attractive palm tree-lined streets. Ever since it got incepted as a city, this gem has been home to notable individuals from all walks of life. Up to date, Melbourne continues attracting hundreds of guests from across the globe. Our list below features some of the most famous people from this beautiful community:

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  • Vicky Hurst

Vicky is one of the most talented, not to mention youngest female golf players of the century, becoming quite a sensation and one-of-a-kind hero in her Melbourne hometown. Hurst went all in as a pro at the tender age of 17 while still in high school. In her debut year, Hurst registered a total of 5 wins during the Futures Tour. This earned her a $93,107 record. Presently, Hurst is on the LPGA Tour.

  • J. Hobgood

Hobgood, a Melbourne-born professional surfer, is popularly known as the 2000 WSL’s World Championship winner and as the 2007 US Open of Surfing championship victor. Other than surfing, Hobgood also happens to be a celebrated tennis player and actor.

  • Marcus Maye

Maye, an American NFL player, was born and raised in the city of Melbourne, FL. At the moment, Maye is signed to the New York Jets. Here, he plays as a free-safety. Maye attended Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy. During his days, Maye was a significant and highly influential college-football player.

  • Darrell Clayton Hammond

Hammond, a Melbourne native, made a big name for himself on the global stage through his incredible acting skills, in addition to impressionism and stand-up comedy. His biggest moment was being featured on the Saturday Night Live Show (NBC) between 1995 and 2009. Darrell is a Melbourne High School alumni. While here, he was a prolific baseball player, playing alongside the legendary Douglas Bochy.

  • Bruce Douglas Bochy

Bochy is a retired former professional baseball player from Melbourne. He is one of the most successful managers in Baseball’s history. After graduating from Melbourne High School, Bochy immediately got drafted by Chicago White Sox. However, Bruce turned this contract down, and opted to join college. After college, Bruce got to play with many professional teams, such as New York Mets and Houston Astros. While Bochy was an outstanding player, he drew most of his success from his 13-year coaching profession.



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