Famous People From Kissimmee, FL

There are many famous people from Kissimmee, especially those who have come to our area. One of the most popular celebrities in town is Walt Disney. He is so famous in this area, it is difficult to not see him. Some of his movies that were set here included “Escape from Alcatraz” and “Waltz with Nell”. Other celebrities that are a part of Kissimmee, and can be found just about everywhere you look are; Chris Rock, Paris Hilton, Paris Jackson, Jodie Foster, Paris Hilton’s mother, Rod Stewart, Hulk Hogan, John Tutturro, and so many more.

Solar Company Kissimmee FL

In Kissimmee, you can also find many other celebrities as well. We have Tom Cruise, John Tutturro, Paris Hilton, and Paris Hilton’s mom, and her boyfriend, Jimmy Gulzar. Paris and her mom are extremely famous in their own right, as they have been married and divorced four times. Paris Hilton’s mom is the face of a company that tries to help people, and she has even won some celebrity popularity off of her own show.


If you are looking for something a little bit out of the ordinary, there are plenty of stars from other walks of life, who also happen to be celebrities, living in Kissimmee. You can find actors like Brandon Fraser, Michael Jackson, and Donny Hathaway all in the city, along with singers like Amy Grant, and even actors like Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. These are only a few of the famous people in our area that everyone knows, and you may not know them by name, but it is definitely worth seeing, if for nothing else than a glimpse into another celebrity world.




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