Famous People from Denton, TX

There are tons of notable people, including actors, actresses, musicians, philanthropists, entrepreneurs, political figures, sports personalities and academic scholars who hail from Denton, TX. Below are some of the city’s most famous individuals:

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Major R. Johnson Finley

Johnson is a Denton-born Grammy nominated pop soul musician, actor, singer, songwriter, stage performance coach, vocal producer and actor who is professionally known to most as Major (his stage name). Major started creating music at quite a young age, and all through his childhood, he performed in several music venues both in his hometown and abroad. Major is a High School for the Performing & Visual Arts graduate. He received intense and extensive classical music training from the legendary Professor Steve Smith of the Houston Grand Opera High School Voice Studio and The Juilliard School. Major then proceed to Berklee College of Music (where he served as the president of the body of students) before moving to LA after he graduated. Major is a highly reputed individual when it comes to his live show performances.

O’Neil Ford

O’Neil was a renowned 20th century American architect who was born on 1905 in Pink Hill, TX. Ford is still considered as one of the most talented and best-known architects, with his designs combining Europe’s modernism and early Texas architecture. In the year 1974, the National Council of the Arts designated him a National Historic Landmark. Ford is the only person to ever hold that title. In 1917, after the sad demise of his father, Ford moved to Denton, TX. He enrolled to the North Texas State Teachers College (present day University of North Texas) for 2 years. However, following financial constraints, he dropped of school, abandoning his attempts at formal education. However, he managed to earn a certificate in architecture, which was mailed to him from Pennsylvania’s International Correspondence Schools of Scranton.

Mark Hotchkiss Crutcher

Mark, an American author and anti-abortion activist, was born in Denton, TX, in 1948. Mark is the president and founder of Life Dynamics Inc (LDI). He is also the creator of Maafa 21, an amazing documentary. One of his greatest life credits is being the pioneer of a recruiting strategy known as ‘Spies for Life’, aimed at finding information on abortion providers with the goal of putting them out of business. He has run numerous anti-abortion campaigns through numerous initiatives across the country.




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