Famous People from Cary, NC

Cary, NC, is one of the fastest growing urban spaces in the south. It boasts top-notch restaurants, booming business hubs, world-class shopping, diverse cultures, top-tier entertainment, as well as an array of leisure activities. In addition to the above, Cary is among the best cities to live in the US. As such, it is no surprise that an array of iconic legends are proud to call Cary home. Below are some of the most famous people from the city of Cary, NC.

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  • Anoop Manoj Desai

Anoop is a Cary-born American singer and songwriter that is most famous for his time as an American Idol contestant for the 8th season. Desai auditioned for the show after drawing motivation and inspiration from the death of his life-long friend, Eve Carson. He made history after he became the first ever thirteenth finalist in the show. Desai finished in 6th position, after celebrities such as Keith Urban and Ellen DeGeneres favored his win. His finish saw him become the 2nd Indian-American to ever advance in American Idol’s final stages.

  • Tim Downs

Tim is an author who is highly famous for his series of novels, ‘Bug Man’. His novels feature Dr. Nick Polchak, a famous forensic entomologist. His series of novels includes books such as ‘Flies to a Corpse’ (which was renamed ‘Schoofly Pie’ in 2003), ‘First the Dead’, ‘Chop Shop’, ‘Ends of the Earth’, ‘Less than Dead’, ‘Nick of Time’, and many more. Additional novels done by Tim Downs include: ‘Head Game’, ‘Plaque Maker’, and ‘Wonders Never Cease’. Downs is the founding father of ‘the Communication Center’, a consulting ministry and communication training center of the Campus Crusade for Christ. Downs is the author of an array of books that talk about communication and Christian relationships. His first ever book, ‘Finding Common Ground’, which was written in 1999, earned the 2000 Gold Medallion Award. Today, Downs lives in Cary, NC, together with Joy Downs, his wife, and their 3 kids.

  • Walter Hines Page

Walter was a publisher, journalist and diplomat, who was born in Cary, NC, in December, 1918. During the First World War, Walter was US’ ambassador the UK. Hines was the founder of State Chronicle, a North Carolina newspaper based in Raleigh. In conjunction with other state leaders, Walter worked to get approval of present day North Carolina State University. In his career, he worked on tons of newspapers, including the Evening Post and New York World.



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