Benefits Living in Cooper Crossing a Neighborhood in Denton, TX

If you’re in the market for a new home, you might be on the lookout for an area that’s close to restaurants and shopping centers. It may seem like there are endless options out there, but when it comes down to your personal tastes and needs, Cooper Crossing is one of Denton TX’s most popular neighborhoods.

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Situated just minutes from Interstate 35E, this neighborhood offers easy access points to many major highways while still maintaining its own quiet charm. With plenty of room in both size and price range–from starter homes all the way up through custom built estates–Cooper Crossing has something for everyone!


Since we’ve been talking about some positives with living in this community; let’s take a look at some drawbacks before we wrap up. One of the drawbacks for Cooper Crossing is that it can be difficult to find a place to live if you have more than two or three people in your household. There are only 15 houses on this block, and there’s no house currently available with four bedrooms. For anyone living here who has children, they’ll also appreciate the fact that Cooper Crossing Elementary School is located right at the edge of our neighborhood!