Annual Events in Sandkey a Neighborhood in Clearwater, FL

Sandkey has many annual events held in a year, including

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-Sandkey Sea Festival

-Sandkey Music Festival

-Christmas Parade and Celebration, etc. These events are held at a different time of the year for each one which makes it so more people can attend to enjoy them.

The Sandkey Sea Fest is always in September as they have fishing competitions, boat races, food vendors that serve local seafood dishes like fresh shrimp boiled with Old Bay seasoning or steamed crabs served hot from the pot. The whole town comes out to be together on this day because everyone knows how important water and fishing is to their culture. It’s wonderful getting to know your neighbors better over some cold beers while you cheer on your favorite fisherman who might win big cash prizes!

This event and others are hosted by the Sandkey Lions Club, a service organization that’s been working for over 20 years to help improve its community.

One of the most popular events is held during Christmas time each year and it offers an exciting way to celebrate. The parade starts at 11 am with marching bands from across FL coming together in costume playing music all around town while they march down Main Street on December 24th. Those who don’t want to line up early can find spots along side streets or near intersections where groups set up viewing areas so people can watch as floats go by with elves greeting children, reindeer pulling sleighs decorated like Santa’s workshop, fire trucks spraying water onto hot cocoa stands and more!