Annual Events in Palm Beach, FL

Whether you are in search of weekend events in South Florida, or you are looking for the next grand event during your next visit to the Palm Beaches, the city of Palm Beach offers guests and residents alike a celebratory atmosphere all year round. It does not really matter what season finds you here; there is always something that you can look forward to. Palm Beach’s annual events give you the opportunity to discover the very best of the city, including spectacular settings and a chance to meet the friendliest of any city locals.

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  • Flavor Palm Beach

Ever since 2007, Flavor Palm Beach has been hosted in the lovely city of Palm Beach. This is a grand dining event that lasts an entire month. Here, diners and food lovers will be introduced to the huge array of gourmet restaurants that are proud to call Palm Beach home. Tag your friends along and enjoy world-class three course meals, all which are quite fairly priced.

It does not really matter where your appetite resides; it can be Jupiter to Boca, and anything else in between. Flavor Palm Beach seeks to satiate all your food cravings, while standing poised to tantalize, entertain, satisfy and tickle your taste buds. The chefs featured in the event all strive to live up to the regions reputation when it comes to top-notch cuisines. Palm Beach, a playground for the wealthy and famous alike, truly outdoes itself during the eagerly awaited for Flavor Palm Beach festivity.

  • Palm Beach International Polo Season

The International Polo Club Palm Beach event is created by players for fellow players. This event is created with the sole aim of showcasing the incredible and raw skill of both ponies and players. Here, you will be treated to tons of exciting tournaments, all culminating in the legendary United States Open Polo Championship.

  • ArtPalmBeach

If you are an art enthusiast, this culturally diverse and contemporary art show welcomes you to a treat like none other. This art fair brings together photography, painting, sculpture, ceramic, chalk art and so much more, bringing you a special show. For an extra unique experience, ArtPalmBeach features top-notch espresso bars, restaurants and VIP treats.

  • Palm Beach Jewelry, Art & Antique Show

This event right here is US’ largest festivity of its kind. International exhibitors from all over the world are featured to showcase the finest of their works of art. The prestigious show will treat you to fine jewelry displays, fascinating antiques and exquisite art work.




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