Annual Events in Mid-Beach a Neighborhood in Miami Beach, FL

There are many events taking place in Mid-Beach neighborhoods during the year. Here are some of them:

-Miami Fashion Week: This event is one of the most anticipated fashion events on Miami Beach. It takes place every year in January and it features over 30 designers from all around the world.

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-The World’s Largest Swimming Lesson: The event happens during the summer months and has been celebrated for more than 25 years now. In addition to great activities such as yoga with dolphins, there are also games that teach people how to protect themselves when they’re at risk of drowning or being swept off their feet by waves.

-Spring Break Art Showcase: This annual showcase presents emerging artists who work in different media including painting, sculpture, video art, and photography among other disciplines. There is a special emphasis on works created specifically for the show.

-The Miami Beach Boat Show: This is an annual event that takes place in March at The Fillmore Center for Fine Arts and it features more than 750 boats from manufacturers all over the world. Boats are grouped by boat style, price range or type of use (cruise ship, fishing vessel, military).

-Miami Spice Festival: Every fall a new edition of this festival will be launched on November 18th and it will last until January 31st. During these months restaurants around town offer special menus under $30 per person which allow guests to experience various cuisines while exploring neighborhoods like Mid-Beach where some of them can be found.