Annual Events in Columbus, OH

Columbus is a flourishing metropolitan known for its trendy fashion, friendly locals, delicious restaurants and thriving economy. However, these are just but a few reasons why Columbus is such an attraction hub. All year round, this wonderful city seemingly has something to keep you well entertained. The events calendar in this Buckeye City is always packed with art festivals, spectacular firework displays, community events, music concerts, historical celebrations and so much more. Below are some of the annual events to look out for when you are in Columbus.

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  • Columbus Art Festival

The Columbus Arts Festival, having been around for over half a century, is truly a must-attend event. As a matter of fact, this festival has been ranked as a top event in the nation by numerous publications. The Columbus Art Festival features interactive performances, engaging kid activities, food, beverages, as well as an array of incredible works of art from local, regional, national and global artists. This event happens every year in June; be sure to catch all the action.

  • Columbus Asian Festival

The Columbus is a free event that welcomes over 100,000 guests each year, and it continues growing in popularity by the day. Featuring games, sporting events, shopping opportunities, delicacies, stunning performances and martial arts, you can be sure that there will be something to suit your individual performances. This festival seeks to promote diversity by way of celebrating the Asian culture as best as possible.

  • Columbus PRIDE Festival

One of the Midwest’s greatest Pride festivals, this annual event welcomes over 500,000 guests every year. One of the signature things that happen here is a mega downtown parade that features more than 150 vendors. In addition to this, you will be treated to live music from two stages. Bring your family for some quality time at the family area.

  • Jazz & Rib Fest

Need we say more after mentioning ribs and jazz? Well, the Columbus Jazz & Rib Fest offers a little bit of something for everyone. This event is usually held at the Scioto Mile, welcoming the jazz connoisseurs. The location is perfectly suited for cool jazz vibes and hot sizzling ribs.

  • Columbus Greek Festival

Columbus welcomes you to celebrate every little thing that you love about the Greek culture at the colorful yearly Columbus Greek Festival. While here, you will be treated to your favorite Greek music, dance, traditional costumes, cathedral tours, as well as food & beverages. The event goes down every summer and welcomes you to explore the shopping opportunities as you indulge in live music, Greek dances, and Greek tasting experiences.



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