Annual Events in Baymeadows a Neighborhood in Jacksonville FL

Annual Events in Baymeadows a Neighborhood in Jacksonville, FL – The annual events that happen at the neighborhood of Baymeadows are what makes it feel like home.

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*Christmas Tree Lighting Celebration: Christmas is an exciting time for children and adults alike! In order to get into the holiday spirit, there’s nothing better than enjoying a night out with friends or family while watching as your favorite Holiday Carols play over speakers throughout the Village Center. After each carol has been sung aloud, the event concludes with Santa Claus walking down Main Street lighting up everyone’s tree on-site. This year will be our eighth year hosting this special occasion which is brought to you by The Rotary Club of Greater Duval County West.

*Night at the Pier: Night at the pier is a family-friendly event that sees hundreds of Jacksonville residents and their guests come out to enjoy live music, food vendors, children’s activities and more. This year will be our eighth annual night under the stars series which brings people together for an evening filled with fresh air, fantastic company and delicious eats.

*Carol by Candlelight: Carol by Candlelight is one of my favorite Baymeadows events because it reminds me just how magical this time of year can be! The ceremony starts off with musical selections performed on stage in front of the beautifully lit Downtown Pavilion followed by Reverend David Kirtley reading passages from scripture. It concludes with everyone singing Christmas carols suchas Silent Night and Joy to the World.

*Light Up The Gardens: Light up the gardens is a yearly event that takes place in October, right after we have experienced our first frost of this season! It’s such an amazing feeling being able to see all those beautiful fall colors while listening to live music.

*Strains for Soldiers Food Drive: Strains for Soldiers food drive started back during World War I when soldiers were struggling with lack of nourishment on their way overseas; hence its name – “strains.” When they returned home from service, many families had very little money or resources left over so they began collecting food items like canned goods and sending them off. Nowadays it’s not just about providing sustenance, but also about providing a sense of community, which this event remains committed to.

*The Great American Pie Festival: The pie is one of my favorite desserts and it’s tough choosing just one flavor! That’s why I love the festival because they have so many different options including apple, pumpkin spice and pecan among others. There are plenty of other sweet treats that you can indulge in as well like strawberry shortcake or banana pudding. All proceeds benefit our local Boys & Girls Club here at Baymeadows so be sure not to miss out on what promises to be an amazing day for all!